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Parasite Protection & Core Vaccinations are Still Your Pet’s Best Bet!

Parasite Protection & Core Vaccinations are Still Your Pet’s Best Bet!

No doubt about it – parasites suck at social distancing and the diseases that stalk our pets don’t care at all about shelter-in-place orders. It’s crucial that pets be protected from both, and we are here to help!

Contrary to popular opinion, parasites aren’t just annoying. They pose serious dangers to your pet’s health. Fleas can transmit tapeworm and cause anemia, while ticks are well-known carriers of many harmful conditions, including Lyme disease. 

Heartworm is another – and even graver – threat. Mosquitos can transmit the deadly worms to pets through just one bite. As the name suggests, heartworms live in the heart, and they can also thrive in the lungs and blood vessels. Because they constrict blood flow, they can damage internal organs and cause lung disease and heart failure.

Sadly, many animals don’t show symptoms until the disease is advanced, if at all. While there is treatment for canines, it is expensive and can be very hard on your pet. (There is no heartworm cure for cats.)

The good news is that heartworm, as well as flea and tick infestations, are completely preventable with routine administration of topical and/or oral medication. We carry a wide selection of parasite preventatives in our clinic and our online store.

And speaking of prevention, it’s imperative that your pet remain up-to-date on core vaccines for deadly conditions like rabies, distemper, parvo, and feline leukemia. Vaccinations are particularly important for newly adopted puppies and kittens who are vulnerable to disease because their young immune systems are just starting to develop

If your pet’s overdue for his shots, call us at 541-593-8128 or request an appointment online today!