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Don’t Let Your Dog Go Viral!

Don’t Let Your Dog Go Viral!

Just like people, dogs can come down with respiratory viruses that make them miserable. So far this year, canine influenza (CIV) has been reported in 46 states including Oregon. Here in Sunriver, we’ve recently seen several cases of bordetella—more commonly known as kennel cough. Because of this, we wanted to alert you to the importance of vaccinating your pet against both viruses.

Both CIV and bordetella share several symptoms, as illustrated on the chart below:

Unlike kennel cough, CIV has the potential to cause pneumonia and be deadly to elderly dogs, those who have compromised immune systems, and pets with chronic respiratory or heart conditions. There are two highly contagious strains of the CIV virus—H3N2 and H3N8—and no dog is immune.

Vaccinating against both CIV and bordetella is especially important if your dog is social— meaning your pet regularly interacts with other canines at dog parks, daycare, boarding, and grooming salons.

At this time, most boarding facilities are requiring that pet guests have bordetella and CIV vaccinations, so if you are boarding your pet over the holidays, you’ll want to check and make sure your dog is current. We offer bordetella vaccinations and a bivalent vaccine for CIV which protects against both strains of the virus.

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